Clinical Services

National Pharmacy provides outstanding clinical services with our advanced medication distribution methods. These services help the home operate more smoothly, freeing nurses to perform their primary task: focus on care. Among the value-added programs are:

  • Unique Quality Assurance program, devoted to goal of 100% accuracy
  • Site visits, care teams and educational events
  • In-service programs
  • Questions, answers and drug information
  • E-MAR / Unique MAR sheets, Quarterly Med Reviews
  • Pharmacist on call 24/7 – devoted to servicing our homes
  • Advanced drug distribution systems, including multi-dose packaging, dosettes and blister cards.
  • Home of the “Easy-Pass” pouch system, accuracy at its best, containing all resident’s med needs for one administration time

In the psychiatric segment, National is devoted to serving PACT/ACT Teams, CMHA Case Management Teams, Group Homes, Adolescent Treatment Centres and other Residential and Outpatient Mental Health Programs with accuracy and efficiency. Our pharmacists have special training and certification in Psychiatric Pharmacy and the technical staff has years of experience in working with Psychiatric Support Teams

Our Services

National Pharmacy systems allow nurses to have more time for direct resident care activities. Some examples include:

  • Active drug use reviews to reduce the number of medications per resident. This can be accomplished by critical medication profile reviews and/or challenge trials in which the ongoing need for a particular drug is evaluated by withdrawal of the drug for a specific period of time.
  • The pouch PAK™ all meds needed for one administration time packaged together in a single tear-off pouch for anytime intervals. This system has been proven to decrease time spent on medication duties and reduce drug errors.
  • Active BID (twice daily) dosing program reduces the number of drug passes per resident. In a BID program, the pharmacist makes recommendations to the physician, on medication changes that will result in meds being given less frequently (e.g. BID or DAILY instead of TID or QID).
  • Targeting of specific drug therapies to reduce time spent on medication passes. Pharmacist Opinions resulting in improvement of Resident Care.

At National Pharmacy we provide specialized medication services focused exclusively on long term, retirement and other settings of care. Our dedicated team of clinical experts, highly trained technicians and pioneering senior management are recognized by clients to have achieved the highest levels of service delivery. Our company is committed to ongoing investments in innovative technology and work processes. Every day we work to enhance the health and well being of the people we serve and advance the quality of care they receive from their healthcare teams.

MAR Sheets

Our customized MAR Sheets (in duplicate) and eMARS are distributed in a timely manner prior to the start of each month. Before printing the next month’s MARs, the pharmacy carefully checks the returned sheets against the computer profiles to identify any discrepancies.

Three Month Medication Reviews and Prescription Authorization

To simplify medication ordering, we use the Three Month Medication Review Process (Quarterlies) for prescription authorization. This process saves considerable time for physicians, nurses, patients and the pharmacy since it is not necessary to keep track of prescription refills and contact the physician when refills run out. It also provides a regular review of all the medications a resident takes and provides a forum for communication between the pharmacy and the physician.

Manuals, Reports and Audits

National Pharmacy will provide our customers with a complete Policy and Procedure Manual that, in consultation with the Administrator and Director of Care, is uniquely tailored to the facility.

Our Quality Assurance Program includes adverse drug reaction reporting, medication incident reporting, and Quality Assurance Audits by our Pharmacists. All patient profiles, dispensing records and standard forms are computerized. Drug usage reports and other statistical information are available on request.

In the development and provision of pharmacy services, National Pharmacy applies the following standards:

  • Ontario College of Pharmacists’ Standards of Practice
  • Ministry of Health-Standards for Pharmacy Services
  • Ontario Pharmacists’ Association-Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Services to Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Canadian Council of Health Services Accreditation Standards-Pharmacy Services
  • Provincial Long Term Care Homes Act & Regulations

As well, all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements are met including the Health Disciplines Act, Ontario Drug Benefit Act, Prescription Drug Cost Regulation Act, and the Narcotic Control Act.