Some examples of innovative program include:


NPTV is available to all National Pharmacy clients.

NPTV can broadcast information in any language. Absolutely no programming experience is needed just internet connection. Once NPTV is installed, the only input required of our clients is the uploading of their information. In the “how to” section you’ll see that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

NPTV provides an easy to use scheduling option that allows you to.

2. Web Portals

  • Facility can get copies of pharmacy forms over the internet and print them in the home
  • Being able to fill out the forms on-line and send them to the pharmacy.
  • Physicians are able to login and see resident profiles from their office.
  • Physicians are able to work on-line and send information to the pharmacy

3. NP–eMAR – Off-line or On-Line

National Pharmacy has e-MAR technology open to our homes. All costs for software, hardware and on-going training will be covered by National Pharmacy. Electronic Medication Administration Records available in off-line or on-line formats.

4. NPepen

The digital pen technology is available to all of our homes. This system allows physicians to write orders with a digital pen which, when docked, automatically transmits the information to Pharmacy. The necessity of faxing orders is therefore eliminated which saves nursing time and effort and provides greater clarity in the reproduced documents than provided by faxes.

5. Resident specials

  • Prizes for special events
  • Individual Medscheck with a consultant pharmacist
  • Welcome National Pharmacy Package
  • Toll free number for inquires