It aids accuracy and creates less work within the home, helping nurses and other health professionals focus on care. National Pharmacy offers the most innovative and personalized drug distribution available in Ontario.

Here are some of the examples of our clinical services personified in our drug distribution system:

  • POUCH PAK™ Drug Distribution System
  • Fax transmission of new orders and refill sheets
  • ON-CALL Pharmacist available 24/7 – 365 days/yr
  • Daily delivery of medications and back-up orders when needed; STAT medications as needed
  • Provision of emergency stock medications (antibiotics, standing orders). Common stat orders may be started immediately.
  • Prescription labeling with a cross-reference of brand and generic drug names
  • Narcotic and controlled drugs supplied with a narcotic count sheet affixed to the back of the card for easy compliance with drug count requirements
  • Timely provision of monthly MARs (in duplicate); Revised MARs printed at any time; Pharmacy “check” of MARs prior to monthly printing
  • Disposal of discontinued, unused and expired drugs through an approved medical waste disposal program
  • Procedures for Drug Recall, Evacuation and Disaster
  • Three or Six Month Medication Reviews for physician review and signature