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How do you service us if you’re not in my area?


National Pharmacy prides itself in its ability to serve clients anywhere in Ontario. There are many satisfied first tier clients all across the province. With careful planning, modern shipping and expediting, next-day service is always available. In an emergency, when local arrangements are necessary, we will make them. In addition, National Pharmacy is in the [...]

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Does National Pharmacy serve retail customers?


Unsurpassed in quality, our services are highly specialized, derived from a network of Ontario pharmacies dedicated to long-term care. Customers recognize the pharmacy’s total dedication to residential care; it does not cater to the retail public. We are devoted to serving the customer accurately, promptly-always responsive to their needs whenever and wherever they occur.

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Do you change your program for each client?


An important facet of National’s services is the ability and willingness to tailor services to the needs of individual homes. Our medication systems have been revised and refined over the years and much of our computer software has been custom designed. We believe we offer the most advanced, complete, and knowledgeable pharmacy services available to [...]

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What special training do National’s Pharmacists offer?


They are: Specially trained in providing geriatric and psychiatric care. Specially trained in palliative care and pain management. Constantly monitoring all new prescriptions for drug allergies, proper dosage, drug interactions, and duplication in therapy. Experienced in delivering a formalized method for handling drug interactions. Mandated to review the medication profile of each resident every three [...]

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How often will we see them?


That varies depending on the engagement. Some pharmacists visit our clients weekly. Others are there less often, depending on the needs of the individual facility. Whatever the schedule may be, National’s pharmacists are in constant touch with our clients. There is nearly always daily telephone contact and quite often the communication occurs more often.

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What are the advantages of your distribution system?


It aids accuracy and creates less work within the home, helping nurses and other health professionals focus on care. National Pharmacy offers the most innovative and personalized drug distribution available in Ontario. Here are some of the examples of our clinical services personified in our drug distribution system: POUCH PAK™ Drug Distribution System Fax transmission [...]

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